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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Vivitar 285HV - First Impressions and Test Shots

So...The Vivitar 285HV came today and of course, like a little girl when she gets her first boyfriend, I squealed in delight as my wife shook her head. First impression...BIG! Man this thing is huge, it actually dwarfs the K10D as if it were a little point and shoot, check this out.

So, after the initial shock of it's gargantuan size, I, unlike other barbarian men, actually read the manual. Then, after not understanding a thing, attached it to the K10D and started firing away until I kind of figured out what was going on. Then, I went back to the manual, did a little cross referencing and before I knew it, it was producing acceptable photos. Photos below were shot in RAW and are 100% unedited, click images to enlarge.

Super Takumar 35 mm 3.5 : f/8 : ISO - 100 : Shutter - 1/180 sec (bounced off the ceiling)

Super Takumar 55 mm 1.8 : f/2.8 : ISO - 100 : Shutter - 1/180 sec (bounced at 60°)

Super Takumar 55 mm 1.8 : f/2.8 : ISO - 100 : Shutter - 1/180 sec (bounced off the ceiling)

Above image at 100% - Just showing off the Super Takumar 55mm sharpness (check out that dust!)

So after an hour or so of playing about the Vivitar 285HV I came to the conclusion that I'm going to thoroughly enjoy taking my photography to a hopeful next level. And next week, when the Cactus V2s triggers come, it will be even more fun! I'll have a more thorough review/test in a few weeks.