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Monday, 5 May 2008

My Daily Photo Fix

Everyday, at least once if not more if I'm feeling really saucy, I check a hand full of photo based websites for inspiration, news, networking and commenting. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite links and a few words about them.

Digital Photography School - A great, informative website for beginners to enthusiasts. Some of the content can be somewhat basic but overall it has great topics, projects and resources from it's readers. They have great weekly assignments (which I never participate in) though for inspiration and ideas, it's great to check out the submitted work plus their forum is pretty good too.

Flickr - As a member, I go here fairly often to check my contacts new photos, submit images, make comments, add new friends and see if anyone was kind enough to leave one of my photos a message. Flickr isn't the prettiest of photo galleries but the networking and quality of photos is outstanding, you just have to filter through the shit to get there.

JPG Magazine - The reason I like this site so much is that nearly all of the content in the mag and the site is all user based submissions. From the photos, stories, networking and inspiring monthly themes, this site is checked out a few times a day.

Photo Answers - I find UK photo magazines to be the most informative and useful compared to over bloated US mags and malnourished Australian mags and Practical Photography magazine is one of the best enthusiast ones out there. The Photo Answers website is the online version of the mag with a very great array of tips, video reviews and overall top quality information. This is one of my fav photography sites to check out and I buy their magazine whenever I'm back home.

DIY Photography - This site is cool in the fact that they are doing their own thing, coming up with great alternative ideas for readers to try. I personally haven't tried any of their backyard Einstein projects but if I was more into flash photography or DIY electronics, maybe I would. Nevertheless, it's still a good read and a site I check every 3 or 4 days.

Pentax Forums - As a Pentax user, this forum has been nothing but a huge help to me. The people are friendly, unless your rude to them where they will then ever so nicely crucify you :) They also have a great Pentax lens database with user reviews, a user gallery and monthly competitions.

Other sites that I check out;