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Saturday, 13 January 2007

New Year = New Blog

Happy New year and all of that!

2007 looks to be a special one for a few reasons, 1) I'm getting married (2) TOOL are coming to Japan (3) I'm starting this blog (4) I have a new DSLR and a Lensbaby to keep me busy!

I want to make this a blog not so self-indulgent as my past blogging effort was. My goal for this blog is to document the things I'm into which include;

Photography - I'm a newbie to the serious side of this time-consuming and expensive hobby, so I want to learn the basics, the technical and conceptual side to photography As I stated earlier, I have a new DSLR, a Pentax K10D and funky Lensbaby 2.0 to with it as well as a few other fun things like a Holga and a Polaroid. Hopefully we can help each other out here.

Art / Design - Anything cool on the web, especially here in Japan I'll post, my own art and design work and other relevant news.

Short Stories - Links to short story sites as well as my own work when I feel inspired.

Japan - Japan is a cool place, pretty weird and full of great people. It's also a wacky country with extremely wacky people, so whatever I can dig up I'll post.

Graphics Software and news - Whatever cool is coming out I'll add some links and if I get a chance to use them I'll post my review of it.

Thats about it, hope you can help me out with making this blog somewhat interesting.