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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Chef's Hat - A Diffuser For The Vivitar 285HV

The free gift diffuser which came with the Vivitar 285HV was a pain in the arse to setup so I was looking at some diffusers to buy online but they were all about $30 and didn't want to piss the wife off too much as I think my little photography related spending spree is officially over!

So while stalking another local camera shop in Fukuyama I found a pretty cool diffuser that comes in M and L sizes which basically just sits over the flash head quite snuggly and happens to look just like a chef's hat! Surprisingly, this product is made by Kenko and re-branded as Harbor and costs ¥840 ($7.60 USD) for the L size and a few dollars less for the M, very cheap.

Here are some examples of Batman posing just for me.

This a pretty quick and nasty example but with some experimentation and of diffuser and or bounce I will be able to produce some well lit photos.