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Monday, 25 August 2008

2 in 1 DIY Snoot & Grid Spot

After reading the many cool DIY reader projects at I saw a cool idea for a cheap and easy DIY snoot for my Vivitar 285HV. So since I have nothing but time on my hands lately, I decided to make one although mine looks different and is much bulkier. I basically used 5mm foam board from Japan's infamous ¥100 stores ($1 USD), cut out the shape and taped it together. Realising it was way too bulky to be transportable, I decided to add a DIY grid spot that fits inside the snoot with relative ease. I made the grid spot out of corrugated plastic craft stuff, cut it to size, glued it together and then taped it up.

So yeah, it looks a little ridiculous, fair enough but it seems to do the job.

With snoot.

With snoot + grid spot

So there you have my 2 in 1 DIY snoot and grid spot for my Vivitar 285HV, for home use it's fine and I'm looking forward in testing it out more thoroughly, especially for moody portraits. When and if I refine this model I want to take a more aesthetic & practical angle, kinda like on this blog. In the near future I'll make a speed strap and a bounce card / diffuser which should be relatively easy and also the DIY soft box.