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Thursday, 31 July 2008

New lens - Sun Auto Tele-Zoom 85 - 210mm f/4.8

I went to two second hand stores where I live in Fukuyama with a gut feeling I was going to find some lenses. One store, which is right below my apartment had a Super Takumar 135mm f/3.5 with hood and caps at a great price for 3,800 yen (about $35.00 USD). Unfortunately I already have that lens so I didn't make the purchase, if only it was the f/2.8. Next place is a little bigger and had quite a few lenses but only about three in K mount and one M42 which is the lens I bought. I also saw a Pentax K Series prime lens, I think it was the SMC 300mm f/4 going for 14,000 yen ($130.00 USD) which (if the boss lets me) I might pick up.

I can't seem to find any info about this lens or brand, but it's an M42 mount Sun Auto Tele-Zoom 85 - 210mm f/4.8-22 (any aperture for any focal length) which I paid 2,100 yen ($19.50 USD) with front and rear caps and a lens hood. It has the very convenient Manual/Auto switch famous with the Takumar lenses which enables the use of Av mode. The lens seems to be in working order as I took a few test shots in the store but it is missing a small screw on the zoom ring which causes it to very slowly rotate if moved quickly. Once I got back home and cleaned it up, I did realize there was a little hazing or early signs of fungus, but I don't really mind as I doubt I will be using this lens on a regular basis as it's pretty heavy, weighing 800 grams and nearly 2kg mounted on the K10D as it's all metal. The focusing ring is very smooth, is are the aperture blades so for about $20, it was a pretty good deal. Here are some photos of the lens taken with the K10D with the 55mm Super Takumar taken at f/5.6. I'll post some test shots within the week.