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Sunday, 25 May 2008

New Equipment Coming Soon!!

I've been putting a few yen away each month without the wife knowing and decided to buy a few things to help me take my photography skills to the next level. Her's some items I've been thinking of buying;

1) Flash - Sigma 530 DG Super (24,000 yen)

2) Tripod - Slik Pro 330 DX (8,000 yen on special)

3) Lens - Probably something 2nd hand and wide angle

I decided to skip the lens, I have enough for now and LBA (Lens Buying Addiction) is controlled and monitored by a professional (my wife). A flash would be great and I really do want one but I decided that can wait as I still want to practice more with working in low light conditions and flash photography would obviously distract from that. So I decided on buying the Slik Pro 330 DX and with it I also bought the Pentax Remote F and the Pentax Cable Switch all equalling about 13,000 yen ($130.00 AUD).

Hopefully the tripod is what I'm looking for; light, durable with a good price and from what I've read, Slik offers that with most of their products. I'll write up a more detailed review of the Slik Pro 330 DX and the remote and shutter combo. Hopefully it will all be delivered within the week.