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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Blood Tulip #1

Camera - Pentax K10D
Lens - Super Takumar 55mm 1.8
Focal Length - 55mm
Exposure - 1/125
ISO - 200
Aperture - f/2.8

Comments - A few weeks ago I splattered some red ink on Japanese calligraphy paper for some backgrounds and this tulip was the perfect model. It was lit from the small amount of available light coming through the window plus the kitchen light. I took about 25 photos, deleted about 10 and digitally processed the rest.

This one is probably the sharpest and most dramatic of them all and I like it the best. The water drops are natural as I had just arrived home from a very heavy downfall. In post I added a slight variant of a bleach bypass effect I like to use but without desaturated colours.