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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Something Like Remorse

Something Like Remorse, originally uploaded by figmental1978.

- Friends House, Fukuyama, Japan

Camera - Pentax K10D

Lens - Pentax M 50mm 1.7

Focal Length - 75mm (1.5 crop factor)

ISO - 200

Shutter Speed - 1/30 sec

f stop - f/1.7(probably)

Post Processing - Levels and colour

Comments - This is one of the first days of using this lens and I was still experimenting with how to use it. At this time I wasn't using the green button to meter the exposure so I was just winging it. It's way too blurry but maybe that's it's charm, although some of her hair strands are in focus which cantres the image nicely.