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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Killing Ground

Killing Ground, originally uploaded by figmental1978.

This is my first 'set up' shot I've ever taken as I usually just shoot whatever and it could have been a better photo if I would have thought about it a little more. Here are some things I could / should have done to produce a better photo.

1: Added another element in the photo, maybe a knife in the background.

2: Better lighting, here I used a fading a sunset through the window and an overhead kitchen light, can't get more ghetto than that.

3: Some stabilization (like a tripod - which I don't own) because the photo isn't that sharp as I used f/1.7 to get a faster shutter speed. If I had a tripod I would have set the aperture to approx f/4.

4: I think the shot would be better in landscape like this other photo on my flickr page.