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Monday, 3 December 2007

SOUZOUv.1 - Exhibited Pieces

Here are my four images that I exhibited at the SOUZOUv.1 - International Art & Photography Exhibition. It is a very loose photographic story about a young single woman who has a child unexpectedly, the child then dies in the same fashion. The woman becomes deeply depressed and commits suicide due to her loss, she is then reborn as a new person to right the wrongs of in her former life.

Chapter 1

Scene 1 - Premonitions Of Death
Scene 2 - Tension At The Seams
Scene 3 - When Conformity Calls
Scene 4 - The Light Which Sheds None

Chapter 2

Scene 5 - When Love Was Innocent
Scene 6 - Premonitions Of Death #2
Scene 7 - Empty Swings For Empty Lives
Scene 8 - Where Ghosts Tread

Chapter 3

Scene 9 - The Plunge For Redemption
Scene 10 - Post Mortem Blues
Scene 11 - Where Pyre's Reign

Chapter 4

Scene 12 - From Bloom
Scene 13 - To Wither
Scene 14 - From Forgiveness
Scene 15 - To Rebirth

Each image was printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pro Super Type C Paper and was mounted on an open frame.